It is a multiplayer, PvP (player versus player) combat oriented game in a stylised art style. The game features fast paced, simultaneous turn based gameplay and takes place in an oriental (exploring Bedouin/nomadic cultures), post-war, desert biome setting, where martial artists explore the world (presented in the form of sectors on a strategic grid map) and enter turn based PvP battles (on a tactical battle grid/scene). It is an innovative title, featuring a truly unique mix of gameplay mechanics and design, aiming to give new breath to the turn based formula. Players will have to plan effective combat tactics on the fly, backed by strategic decisions shaping the game world. The overall project is in the early stages at the moment, and many details are still being worked out.


If you would just like to get more information or have any questions, please join our Discord server instead of applying. If you would like to apply to join us as a developer, please use the application form.

Money icon. Please note that all developer positions are based on royalties/deferred payment/revenue sharing.
Ok icon. Currently, there is a strong preference for 3D generalist artists (i.e.: modelling, animation, texturing, etc.).

Help icon. Developer requirements

Cross icon. "Pixel art" and "voxel art" are not considered at present.

If you are a concept artist, you should be able to transfer your skills to the entire process of game creation. This means that as an artist who wants to form part in the development of an indie game, you should have other skills that complement your work such as:

  • 3D modelling
  • Texturing
  • VFX
  • Animation
  • UI design

Having any of these skills complement your current work would make you more valuable in the process as whole. (If you do not have any of these skills but you show that you want to learn during the development process, you will be welcome to do so. Keep in mind that most of these things you will have to figure out yourself, but we can help you along the way.)

Overall knowledge of traditional software programming/scripting is a bonus, but not required.

As a composer, you should be able to work with the built-in audio/sound systems in Unreal Engine 4 (FMOD and Wwise will not be used). You would need to be capable of composing music and soundtracks for our oriental (exploring Bedouin/nomadic cultures) theme.

Cross icon. "Chiptune/8 bit" music style is not needed.

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