Art of Combat

Art of Combat is an online turn based PvP (player versus player) multiplayer game. It offers you the ability to enrich the game world with persistent infrastructure and command your own armies, while fighting for dominance over the very game world. Featuring tactical decision making within a set of unique mechanics, it explores fresh cultural and environmental settings, in a semi-stylised art style. The game world takes place in oriental desert based biomes, where major factions interact with the game world presented in the form of sectors on the world map, that is known as the overworld. The overworld is the central hub where players manage their armies and makes strategic decisions. At the core of tactical combat battles, turn based PvP matches play out on a battle grid. Art of Combat is a game that strives to innovate rather than copy, with a mix of unique gameplay and design mechanics, aiming to give new breath to the turn based genre. Players will have to plan effective combat tactics, backed by strategic decisions shaping the power balance of the game world.

AoC desert exploration
AoC desert sky
Key features
  • Unique game mechanics.
  • Turn based gameplay.
  • Refreshing theme and aesthetic.
  • Reputation/standing system.
  • Permanent death and injuries.
  • Combat experience and skills.
  • Strategic world map system.
  • And much more...
Art gallery

Here you can see some of
the early art for the game.

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