Art of Combat

Art of Combat is a multiplayer, PvP (player versus player) combat oriented game in a stylised art style. The game features fast paced, simultaneous turn based gameplay and takes place in an oriental (exploring Bedouin/nomadic cultures), post-war, desert biome setting, where martial artists interact with the game world (presented in the form of sectors on a strategic map) and enter turn based PvP battles (on a tactical battle grid/scene). It is an innovative title, featuring a truly unique mix of gameplay mechanics and design, aiming to give new breath to the turn based formula. Players will have to plan effective combat tactics on the fly, backed by strategic decisions shaping the power balance of the game world.

AoC desert exploration
AoC desert sky
Key features
  • Unique game mechanics.
  • Turn based gameplay.
  • Fast paced.
  • Refreshing theme and aesthetic.
  • Reputation/standing system.
  • Permanent death and injuries.
  • Highly dynamic combat.
  • Combat experience and skills proficiency.
  • Skill specialisation groups.
  • Strategic world map system.
  • And much more...
Early Concept Art



3D models (coming soon)

AoC character AoC landscape 1 AoC landscape 2